Stuff to buy Tet

This is an incomplete list of stuff I'd be happy to receive for a birthday or Christmas. Sorry if some of them are hard to find, but that's just how it goes! I've tried to at least make them all a link to an appropriate web site, which may help in tracking things down. I suggest you coordinate through Ferret to avoid duplication...


Book cover "Marrow"
by Robert Reed
Book cover "Constitution"
by Nick Webb
Book cover "The written"
by Ben Galley
Book cover "Earth alone"
by Daniel Arenson
Book cover "Startide rising"
by David Brin
Book cover "The long way down"
by Craig Schaefer
Book cover "Before they are hanged"
by Joe Abercrombie
Book cover "Last argument of kings"
by Joe Abercrombie
Book cover "Unix: A history and a memoir"
by Brian Kernighan
Book cover "Beren and LĂșthien"
by JRR Tolkien
Book cover "The children of Hurin"
by JRR Tolkien
Book cover "The fall of Gondolin"
by JRR Tolkien
Book cover "For facts sake"
by Bob Daisley


CD cover "The darkness"
by Dawn Of Solace
CD cover "Hope springs eternal"
by Snow White Blood
CD cover "Eonian"
by Dimmu Borgir
CD cover "XIII"
by Rage
CD cover "Time"
by Ebony Wall
CD cover "The age of ether"
by Disforia
CD cover "Lyijy"
by Poisonblack
CD cover "Karelian Hills"
by Psychework
CD cover "Legacy of the dark lands"
by Blind Guardian
CD cover "Memento mori"
by Sahg
CD cover "Lacrima dei"
by Meden Agan
CD cover "Mirrors"
by Cardiant
CD cover "Masterpieces"
by Hammerfall
CD cover "Swedish hitz goes metal"
by Reinxeed
CD cover "Question everything"
by Helion Prime
CD cover "From a dying ember"
by Falconer
CD cover "Let there be nothing"
by Judicator
CD cover "Metal commando"
by Primal Fear
CD cover "Skycrest"
by Iron Savior
CD cover "Thalassic"
by Ensiferum



"Rogue One"


T shirt

Borknagar "Quintessence"
Long sleeved shirt

Swedish lesbians

A pair of Swedish lesbians