Stuff to buy Tet

This is an incomplete list of stuff I'd be happy to receive for a birthday or Christmas. Sorry if some of them are hard to find, but that's just how it goes! I've tried to at least make them all a link to an appropriate web site, which may help in tracking things down. I suggest you coordinate through Ferret to avoid duplication...


Book cover "Marrow"
by Robert Reed
Book cover "Daemon"
by Daniel Suarez
Book cover "Leviathan wakes"
by James S. A. Corey
Book cover "The written"
by Ben Galley
Book cover "Deathstalker"
by Simon R. Green
Book cover "Earth alone"
by Daniel Arenson
Book cover "The big jump"
by Leigh Brackett
Book cover "Warchild"
by Karin Lowachee
Book cover "Constitution"
by Nick Webb
Book cover "Startide rising"
by David Brin
Book cover "Ready player one"
by Ernest Cline
Book cover "Dragon keeper"
by Robin Hobb
Book cover "Dragon haven"
by Robin Hobb
Book cover "City of dragons"
by Robin Hobb
Book cover "Blood of dragons"
by Robin Hobb
Book cover "The blade itself"
by Joe Abercrombie


CD cover "The darkness"
by Dawn Of Solace
CD cover "Delirium"
by Lacuna Coil
CD cover "Tolerance 0"
by S-Tool
CD cover "XIII"
by Rage
CD cover "Time"
by Ebony Wall
CD cover "The age of ether"
by Disforia
CD cover "Beloved serpent"
by Exsecratus
CD cover "Lyijy"
by Poisonblack
CD cover "Karelian Hills"
by Psychework
CD cover "Winter thrice"
by Borknagar
CD cover "Voyage into eternity"
by Valhalore
CD cover "Orchestrated"
by Midge Ure
CD cover "Dystopia"
by Megadeth
CD cover "Lacrima dei"
by Meden Agan
CD cover "Altor: The king's blacksmith"
by Kaledon
CD cover "Carnagus: Emperor of the darkness"
by Kaledon
CD cover "Amain"
by Crimfall
CD cover "Black moon rising"
by Falconer
CD cover "Six"
by Dream Evil
CD cover "For the love of metal"
by Dee Snider
CD cover "The rise of chaos"
by Accept
CD cover "Mirrors"
by Cardiant
CD cover "Rhapsodies in black"
by Exit Eden
CD cover "Endless forms most beautiful"
by Nightwish
CD cover "Decennium"
by Seven Kingdoms



"Rogue One"


T shirt

Borknagar "Quintessence"
Long sleeved shirt

Swedish lesbians

A pair of Swedish lesbians