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Who am I?

I'm essentially a computer geek. The description of a hacker in the jargon file is pretty close to the mark. Despite being a load of psycho bollocks, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (a Myers-Briggs style personality test) lists me as INTJ, which is surprisingly accurate.

I've written some reviews of concerts I've seen.

Miscellaneous photos

Concert photos

Drag Racing photos

I've also got a few suggestions of things to buy me for birthdays etc.

A while back, I designed a web site for my then girlfriend, based on an in joke about cheese comparisons. Thus was born the Cheese Comparator. I didn't link to it from anywhere on my site, and I told a grand total of 3 people about it. They obviously told others, because it's fame quickly spread, and it even appeared in the Evening Standard, on NTK and other places. Odd...

My ISP, Freedom 2 Surf (formerly M.I.T.E.)

Just a quick note to thank my ISP, Freedom 2 Surf

Despite having a crap web page :-), I couldn't really ask for much more, and I'd recommend them to anyone in the UK looking for net access. Thanks, Chris.