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4/5 Jizzy Pearl / Love / Hate The Underworld
3.5/5 Knock Out Kaine 19th March 2017
??/5 Emperors Of The Wasteland

Jizzy Pearl / Love / Hate advert Jizzy Pearl / Love / Hate advert Jizzy Pearl / Love / Hate ticket Knock Out Kaine photo Jizzy Pearl photo

4/5 Danko Jones The Garage
2.5/5 Miraculous Mule 15th March 2017

Danko Jones ticket Miraculous Mule photo Danko Jones photo

4/5 Lita Ford Islington Academy
3/5 Rock Goddess 12th March 2017

Lita Ford advert Lita Ford ticket Rock Goddess photo Lita Ford photo

Rock Goddess were also-rans in the '80s and it's easy enough to see why here. There was nothing wrong with them. Indeed, they were all quite competent musicians, playing well. But somehow there was just something missing. The songs weren't particularly memorable, and while I enjoyed the performance, there was nothing to make it stand out compared to any number of others.

Lita Ford had last played in the UK in the '80s. I hadn't seen her then, and I'd been waiting nearly 30 years to see her performing live. Was it worth the wait? Yes, it was. She's aged incredibly well compared to her contemporaries, and can still hit the notes and play the guitar (despite breaking a couple of strings in the process). Highlights for me were "Larger than life", "Hungry", "Can't catch me" and the obligatory "Close my eyes forever" (with guitarist Patrick Kennison singing Ozzy's parts).

Lounge Fest 2 The Lounge 666
3.5/5 King Lizard 4th March 2017
4/5 The Brink
3/5 Damn Dice
2/5 Arcane Militia

Lounge Fest 2 advert Arcana Militia photo Damn Dice photo The Brink photo King Lizard photo King Lizard photo

Foggy's Birthday Bash The Sussex Arms, East Grinstead
3/5 Skeptical Minds 3rd March 2017
4/5 Control The Storm

Skeptical Minds advert Control The Storm photo Skeptical Minds photo

Power Metal Quest Fest The Roadhouse, Birmingham
4/5 Triaxis 26th February 2017
4/5 Dakesis
3.5/5 Ascension
4/5 Sellsword
3.5/5 Farseer
4/5 Control The Storm
3/5 Proscenium
3.5/5 The Mighty Wraith

Power Metal Quest Fest ticket Power Metal Quest Fest advert Power Metal Quest Fest advert Power Metal Quest Fest advert Power Metal Quest Fest advert The Mighty Wraith photo Proscenium photo Control The Storm photo Control The Storm photo Control The Storm photo Farseer photo Sellsword photo Ascension photo Dakesis photo Dakesis photo Dakesis photo Triaxis photo

Rock Mélange The Underworld
2.5/5 Rock Reunited 22nd February 2017
1.5/5 Dean Adams
??/5 Tactful Kactus

Rock Mélange advert Dean Adams photo Rock Reunited photo

4.5/5 Firewind The Underworld
4/5 Manimal 19th February 2017
3/5 Scar Of The Sun

Firewind advert Firewind advert Firewind advert Firewind advert Firewind ticket Scar Of The Sun photo Manimal photo Firewind photo Firewind photo

4/5 Rhombus Nambucca
1.5/5 La Chansons Noire 18th February 2017

Rhombus advert Rhombus advert La Chanson Noire photo Rhombus photo Rhombus photo

3/5 Soto The Underworld
3/5 Bigfoot 17th February 2017
??/5 Vanadine

Soto advert Soto ticket Bigfoot photo Soto photo

Camden Rocks Proud Camden
2.5/5 Seasons 11th February 2017
2.5/5 When Our Time Comes
3.5/5 Eva Plays Dead
2.5/5 Nine Miles South
3/5 48 Hours
3.5/5 Hanging Doll
2/5 True Heights
3.5/5 Florence Black
2/5 Fjokra
??/5 Our Propaganda

Seasons advert Seasons advert Seasons ticket Fjokra photo Florence Black photo True Heights photo Hanging Doll photo 48 Hours photo Nine Miles South photo Eva Plays Dead photo When Our Time Comes photo Seasons photo

4/5 Amberian Dawn Boston Music Room
3/5 Diabulus In Musica 10th February 2017
3/5 Crimson Sun

Amberian Dawn advert Amberian Dawn ticket Crimson Sun photo Diabulus In Musica photo Amberian Dawn photo

3.5/5 Epica Shepherds Bush Empire
4/5 Powerwolf 3rd February 2017
3/5 Beyond The Black

Epica/Powerwolf advert Epica/Powerwolf advert Epica/Powerwolf advert Epica/Powerwolf advert Epica/Powerwolf advert Epica/Powerwolf ticket Beyond The Black photo Powerwolf photo Epica photo

Retribution Alive The Unicorn
2.5/5 Die Kur 27th January 2017
4/5 Season's End
2.5/5 Maxdmyz
2.5/5 Call Of Fenrir
1.5/5 Cold In July

Retribution Alive advert Retribution Alive advert Cold In July photo Call Of Fenrir photo Maxdmyz photo Season's End photo Season's End photo Die Kur photo

3.5/5 Tyketto Islington Academy
2.5/5 Romeo's Daughter 26th January 2017

Tyketto advert Tyketto ticket Romeo's Daughter photo Tyketto photo

3.5/5 Manuskript Nambucca
2.5/5 The Ghost Of Lemora 21st January 2017
2/5 Nine Day Decline

Manuskript advert Manuskript advert Manuskript advert Nine Day Decline photo The Ghost Of Lemura photo Manuskript photo

4/5 Sabaton Brixton Academy
4/5 Accept 14th January 2017
3.5/5 Twilight Force

Sabaton advert Sabaton advert Sabaton ticket Twilight Force photo Accept photo Sabaton photo

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