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Thunder The Forum, London
Kick 11th December 1999

Thunder advert Thunder ticket
This was Thunder's farewell gig before disbanding. Support band Kick were OK, but a bit bland. Thunder were on form, but then they have a reputation for always being on form. The only disappointment was that they didn't do a longer set, given that it was their last ever gig. That said, the encore was fairly long, including drummer Harry James doing a cover of Abba's "Dancing Queen". Good stuff, and they'll be missed. Hopefully, it'll only be a temporary split, and they'll return with a lucrative comeback tour in the not too distant future :-)

Motörhead The Astoria, London
Groop Dogdrill 4th December 1999
Skew Siskin

Motörhead ticket Motörhead advert
The adverts didn't mention a second support, so I wasn't expecting Skew Siskin at all. I hadn't anything form them since the early 1990s, and didn't even know they were still going. They put on a reasonably good show, and I was pleasantly surprised. This is the third time I've had the misfortune to see Groop Dogdrill, and if anything, they were even worse than the last two times. I'd bought the ticket for this concert before I knew that I was going to be seeing Motörhead supporting Manowar in Sweden a couple of weeks earlier. Had I known, I probably wouldn't have bothered with this one. As it turned out, I'm glad I did. Their performance in Sweden wasn't bad, but not particularly inspiring, but they really shone here.

Type O Negative The Astoria, London
Coal Chamber 1st December 1999

Type O Negative advert
Type O Negative ticket Tonight's opening band were supposed to be Static-X, but they didn't turn up, supposedly because of a throat infection. It later turned out that they'd flown back to the USA to do a TV show instead. Coal Chamber were pretty awful. I just don't get it. If you want to listen to vocals like that, then I recommend trying out Dimmu Borgir or Dark Tranquility. At least then you get decent music to go along with it. Still, at least bassist Nadja was worth watching :-) Type O Negative were much better, fortunately avoiding some of the more tuneless aspects of their repertoire, and sticking to the more melodic stuff.

Monsters Of The Millennium Himmelstalundshallen, Norrköping, Sweden
Manowar 19th November 1999
Lions Share

Manowar ticket Manowar haven't played the UK on their last 3 tours, so to see them I needed to go abroad. A few friends went to Germany for the last tour, and I was being sensible and decided to stay at home. This time round, though, I decided to just go ahead and do it, particularly when the support bands were so strong. It was well worth it. The venue was an ice hockey rink with a stage at one end and some flooring covering the ice.

The only exposure I'd had to Lion's Share was from their cover of "Touch of evil" on a Judas Priest tribute album. I was reasonably impressed, and it was one of the tracks they played in a strong but not particularly memorable set. Still, it was enough to persuade me to buy their albums.

Next up came Dio. I wasn't particularly impressed the last time I'd seen him, but fortunately, tonight was much, much better. He played a selection spanning most of his recent career, but the stuff from the early Dio albums went down the best (and deservedly so, in my opinion).

Third were Motörhead, who performed pretty much how you'd expect them to! Phil Campbell's stage presence is embarassing to the point to cringeworthiness, but I was particularly impressed with Mikkey Dee's drumming. Lemmy was his usual cynical self :-) The crowd seemed mostly unfamilar with the material, apart from the obvious "Ace of spades", and to a lesser extent, "Bomber".

Finally, came Manowar. They've upgraded their equipment since the last time I saw them, with the result that the sound quality is crystal clear, by far the best I've heard at any concert. However, I felt they spent too much time boasting to the audience about how metal was never going to die, instead of just getting on and playing the stuff! What they did play was good, but lacking that spark that separates a good gig from a truly outstanding one. The exception to this was "Gates of Valhalla". There was something magical about several thousand Swedish metal fans screaming "Valhalla, the Gods await me" at the top of their voices. It was one of those occasions that makes the hair on the back of your neck rise. Simply awesome, and probably the best single song I've ever seen performed live.

A Fistful Of Alice The Twist, Colchester
30th October 1999

Review to follow

Krokus The Underworld, London
Dirty Deeds 8th October 1999

Krokus ticket Krokus advert Review to follow

Inkubus Sukkubus The Underworld, London
Screaming Dead 2nd October 1999
Descendents Of Cain

Inkubus Sukkubus ticket Review to follow

Megadeth The Forum, London
Godsmack 1st October 1999

Megadeth ticket Review to follow

8th Annual Music Event The Carlisle, Hastings
Metalworks 11th September 1999
Sonic Oblivion
18th Emergency
Dead Calm

Review to follow

Dirty Deeds The Ruskin Arms, London
3rd July 1999

Review to follow

W.A.S.P. LA2, London
Get Animal 20th June 1999

W.A.S.P. advert Review to follow

Nashville Pussy LA2, London
Groop Dogdrill 23rd May 1999
Toilet Boys

Nashville Pussy advert Nashville Pussy ticket Review to follow

Inkubus Sukkubus The Underworld, London
Mantra 8th May 1999
Passion Play

Review to follow

Scorpions The Astoria, London
Deadline 28th April 1999

Scorpions ticket Utterly amazing. I have no memory of the support band, Deadline. All I remember from this show was the Scorps. They were touring on the back of a new album, "Eye II Eye". I'd tried to get hold of the album before the show, but none of the UK resellers had it in stock. In hindsight, this was a good thing, as the songs went down pretty well live, but were comparitively weak on CD. But tonight saw a near flawless showing of the classic Scorps tracks, and some newer material mixed in, too.

Bruce Dickinson LA2, London
Kill II This 8th December 1998
Sack Trick

Bruce Dickinson advert Bruce Dickinson ticket Bruce Dickinson advert Review to follow

Dio The Forum, London
Uriah Heep 22nd October 1998
Nothing To Grieve

Dio ticket Dio advert Review to follow

Helloween LA2, London
Kick 17th October 1998

Helloween ticket Helloween advert Review to follow

7th Annual Music Event The Carlisle, Hastings
Vicious Minds 5th September 1998
Dead Calm
Sonic Oblivion
Ill' Eagle

Review to follow

Alice Cooper The Astoria, London
Backyard Babies 25th May 1998

Review to follow

Yngwie J. Malmsteen LA2, London
22nd May 1998

Yngwie J. Malmsteen ticket Review to follow

Iron Maiden Brixton Academy, London
Helloween 16th May 1998
Dirty Deeds

Review to follow

Judas Priest The Astoria, London
Gorefest 11th April 1998

Judas Priest ticket Review to follow

The Sisters Of Mercy The Forum, London
12th February 1998

The Sisters Of Mercy advert Review to follow

Therapy? The Electric Ballroom, London
Groop Dogdrill 14th October 1997

Review to follow

Hard Rain The Underworld, London
4th October 1997

Hard Rain ticket Review to follow

Panting Skeletons The Carlisle, Hastings
Shine 6th September 1997
Joe's Blooze Band
Dead Calm
Vicious Minds

Review to follow

State Of Mind The Philanthropist And Firkin, St. Albans

Review to follow

State Of Mind The Carlisle, Hastings

Review to follow

Hard Rain The Underworld, London
Tyla 11th July 1997

Hard Rain setlist Hard Rain advert Review to follow

Alice Cooper The Astoria, London
Tampasm 9th July 1997

Alice Cooper advert Alice Cooper ticket Review to follow

Kiss Finsbury Park, London
Rage Against The Machine 5th July 1997
Skunk Anansie
3 Colours Red

Kiss advert Kiss advert Review to follow

Ten Seconds Dead The Falcon, London
Dustball 30th June 1997
Augustus Gloop

Formerly Baby Chaos. Review to follow

Hi-On Maiden The Standard, London
??? 1997

Review to follow

G3 LA2, London
Joe Satriani 5th June 1997
Steve Vai
Adrian Legg

G3 ticket Review to follow

W.A.S.P. Shepherds Bush Empire, London
Dizzy Q. Viper 28th May 1997

W.A.S.P. ticket Review to follow

Hi-On Maiden The Carlisle, Hastings

Review to follow

Dio The Astoria, London
Deadline 23rd March 1997
Dio ticket

Review to follow

W.A.S.P. Rock City, Nottingham
Tampasm 7th February 1997

Probably the best gig I've ever been to. Full review to follow

Havoc The Carlisle, Hastings
1996 ?

Review to follow

The Wildhearts The Island, London
3 Colours Red 21st April 1996
Real TV

Review to follow

The Hamsters The Marina Pavillion, Hastings
The Lost Boys 1995 ?

Review to follow

The Lost Boys The Carlisle, Hastings
1995 ?

Review to follow

Magnum LA2, London
Heartbreaker 15th December 1995

Magnum ticket Review to follow

The Hamsters The Standard, London
1995 ?

Review to follow

Tigertailz LA2, London
Trinity 1994 ?
One Night Stand

Review to follow

Magnum The Marquee, London
Southside Peace Company 4th August 1994

Review to follow

Manowar The Marquee, London
Deadline 7th April 1994

Manowar ticket Review to follow

Bon Jovi Milton Keynes Bowl
Billy Idol 16th or 18th September 1993
Little Angels
Manic Street Preachers

Bon Jovi ticket

Review to follow

Lillian Axe The Marquee, London
The Shock June 1993 ?
Vatican Roulette

Review to follow

Iron Maiden Wembley Arena, London
The Almighty 17th May 1993

Review to follow

Poison Hammersmith Odeon, London
Enuff Z'nuff April 1993

Review to follow

Billy Idol Wembley Arena, London
Skid Row ? 1992 ?

Review to follow

Monsters Of Rock Donington
AC/DC 17th August 1991
Mötley Crüe
The Black Crowes

Monsters Of Rock advert Monsters Of Rock advert Monsters Of Rock advert

Review to follow

The Foreskins The Marquee, London
14th August 1991

Mötley Crüe in disguise. Review to follow

Thunder The Marquee, London
Modern English 15th December 1990

Review to follow

Magnum Hammersmith Odeon, London
Roko 2nd December 1990

Magnum advert Review to follow

Motörhead Hammersmith Odeon, London
??? November 1990 ?
Cycle Sluts From Hell

Review to follow

Mötley Crüe Wembley Arena, London
White Lion 1st November 1990
Skid Row

Review to follow

Roadhouse The Crypt, Hastings
1990 ?

Review to follow

The Hamsters The Torrington, London
1990 ?

Review to follow

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Hammersmith Odeon, London
China 21st April 1990

Review to follow

Manowar Hammersmith Odeon, London
Sabbat 14th December 1989

Manowar ticket

This turned out to be an expensive night. I'd bought tickets for this evening, and had them in my jacket pocket a couple of weeks before the show. One night out, they went missing after my jacket was left in the car. Being charitable, you could claim I lost them. Or perhaps they were stolen. If so, I have a fair idea who took them. But lacking any evidence, there was nothing I could do, so I had to buy another set of tickets. On the night of the show itself, the friend who was driving us up to London had a massive row with her boyfriend, and we left late. Thus it was that we missed Torranaga, and arrived part way through Sabbat's set. They weren't really my sort of thing. Too much noise, and not enough melody. Then came the dry ice, and Orson Welles's booming voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, from the United States of America, all hail... Manowar". What a show! Every song you could want, each one played at unimaginable volume. My ears were ringing for a week afterwards. This was Manowar at the height of their popularity in the UK, and it was truly an outstanding experience. After the show, we waited around in a torrential downpour to meet the band, who signed my jacket. This was the first really outstanding show I'd been to.

Alice Cooper Wembley Arena, London
Great White 10th or 11th December 1989
Britny Fox

Alice Cooper advert Review to follow

Bon Jovi Milton Keynes Bowl
Europe 19th August 1989
Skid Row

Bon Jovi advert Bon Jovi advert Bon Jovi ticket Review to follow

Duran Duran London Arena
Thrashing Doves 22nd April 1989

I don't remember much about Thrashing Doves. This was the first gig in a new venue, so they were the first band to ever play on that stage, but they didn't make a big impression.

My sister had managed to get front row seats for this show. I was about halfway back with my ex and her new boyfriend. I'd gone down to say hello to my sister when the show started, and I found myself in the front row anyway! There didn't seem to be much point in giving up such a choice spot, so I stayed there for the duration of the show. As you might expect from a band that's had as much stage experience as Duran Duran, they were very polished. They played all of the classics that you'd expect.

Duran Duran Wembley Arena, London
J.J. Slick 23rd December 1988
Duran Duran advert

Review to follow

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
Quireboys 14th November 1988

Review to follow

Jean-Michel Jarre Docklands, London
9th October 1988
Jean-Michel Jarre advert

Originally scheduled for 24th September. Review to follow

Belinda Carlisle Hammersmith Odeon, London
??? 14th September 1988
Belinda Carlisle advert

I'd bought my ticket from the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street. They didn't have them in stock, so they posted the ticket to me later. I was more than a little disappointed to find they'd allocated me a seat in the last but one row in the circle. I was miles from the stage, and couldn't really see the performance very well at all. It wasn't a bad show, per se, and she played most of the songs I was wanting to hear. But the poor view and muddy mix spoiled what might otherwise have been a good evening.

Michael Jackson Wembley Stadium, London
Kim Wilde 14th July 1988
Michael Jackson advert

Review to follow

Ultravox Wembley Arena, London
Zerra One 6th November 1986

My first ever gig. The support were unmemorable, but I was only really interested in Ultravox anyway. True, the U-Vox album wasn't quite up to the high standards of their classic output, but they put on a decent live show, and overall, it wasn't a bad introduction to live music.

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